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Whether you are a new start-up venture or a well established business, the corporate law solicitors at Ralli can help with a range of legal issues you may have to deal with. – with a range of legal issues you may have to deal with. 

Corporate Law

Our employment law solicitors provide advice for businesses in various sectors, including manufacturing, engineering, shipping and logistics, legal and financial services, medical equipment and creative design.

Employment Law

Specialist white collar, tax and corporate crime defence solicitors helping you through SFO, HMRC, CPS, HSE, Environment Agency, GMC, CAA, RSPCA, MTIC, DWP, BDA, Trading Standards and FCA prosecutions.

Criminal Law

The Partnership Law team was set up specifically to help and guide professionals and individuals that have partnership difficulties or legal issues.

Partnership Law

If you find yourself in the middle of a disagreement in your business, our dispute resolution solicitors have the skills and experience to help. We have a strong track record of resolving business issues professionally, quickly, efficiently and in the most cost effective manner possible.

Dispute Resolution

Our intellectual property team at Ralli can provide advice to innovators, businesses of all sizes and not for profit organisations from all sectors on intellectual property issues. We will always agree an action plan, budget and assemble the right team to deal with your issue.

Intellectual Property