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Serious Criminal Offences

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The Serious Crime and Regulatory team have over 70 years’ experience dealing with very large cases.

With any investigation, early intervention is key.

Dialogue between the parties involved can prove to be fundamental as to whether charges are brought or not.

Serious criminal investigations can go on for years, which is why it is essential you obtain expert advice at the earliest opportunity.

This could make the difference as to whether your case goes to court or not.

We pride ourselves on looking after our clients, our dedication and our results.

In England and Wales, examples of serious offences are:

Drug trafficking
Human trafficking
Arms trafficking
Prostitution and Child sex
Armed robbery
Money laundering
Tax evasion and revenue offences
Corruption and bribery
Intellectual property offences
Environmental crimes
Attempting, conspiring, encouraging or assisting, or aiding or abetting such an offence.

Conviction for a serious crime has severe consequences beyond the likelihood of a substantial custodial sentence.

Confiscation applications, which are aimed at recouping the value of the criminal activity from the assets you own.

Serious Crime Prevention Orders can be applied for following release from a custodial sentence. They can severely restrict where you can go, who you can see, what you can own.

We have the knowledge, experience determination and courage required to stand up to the prosecutors where serious crime is alleged.

If you require any more information, please contact our 24-hour direct telephone number 0161 615 0660.

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