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Police Station Advice

– Tel: 0161 615 0660 –

If you have been asked to attend a police interview you should always take a legal representative with you. We are only a phone call away 0161 615 0660 (24 hour telephone).

Early intervention and advice are crucial at the very early stages of any investigation.

An experienced representative could mean the difference between being charged or not.

Whatever the alleged offence it is important that your lawyer receives from the police a disclosure pack. This enables him/her to make a fair assessment of the allegations that will be put to you in interview.

On occasions, it is better to say nothing, as is your right. That is a delicately balanced judgement call that can only be made by an experienced lawyer.

The lawyer’s role is to ensure that the interview process is fair, to look after your rights and stop any inappropriate questioning.

If you do decide to speak during an interview, your lawyer will ensure your side of the story is put on record for future referral at any Court hearing. The earlier you do this in most cases, the better.

Always seek legal advice. It is too important not to. This applies to any interview you have been asked to attend whether it be the Police, Trading Standards, HMRC, Serious Fraud Office, National Crime Agency or Health and Safety Executive. Ralli solicitors LLP are here to help you.

For more information regarding police station advice, contact our Criminal Defence team on 0161 615 0660 or fill out one of our online enquiry forms.

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