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Employment Law

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At Ralli Solicitors, we offer employment law advice to business owners operating in England and Wales. Our team of highly experienced employment law solicitors are based in Manchester.

Employment Law Solicitors in Manchester

Why seek Employment Law Advice?

It is tempting to avoid seeking legal advice when a dispute with an employee or other staff member arises. Unfortunately, by the time legal advice becomes inevitable, much of the damage has been done. Defending the employer’s interests at this stage can be very costly.

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Most of our clients find the employment tribunal process to be extremely stressful and costly – costly not just in the financial sense but also in terms of the time and emotional resources it consumes. This is regardless of whether the claimant has a strong case or a weak one or whether you ultimately win or lose.

Our advice would be to seek specialist advice as soon as there is a hint of trouble on the horizon. Do not leave it until an employment tribunal claim form lands on your desk. Our team is very experienced and we have a strong track record of success.

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It is vitally important that employers seek legal advice as soon as a potential employment or HR issue is detected. The press is awash with stories concerning businesses that have been forced to settle employment claims in order to avoid hefty defence costs.

Our aim is to help businesses protect themselves against these claims before they are made.

However, even despite early intervention, some workplace disputes inevitably result in a claim being made. Fortunately, there are solutions to protect your company from taking a financial hit from such disputes.

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