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All Is Not Lost – Riot Compensation

Chris MacCafferty – Business Litigation & Professional Negligence Solicitor”

It is fair to say that all civilised people are appalled by the recent trouble which has erupted in our Cities.

It is further troubling to see decent hardworking citizens and business people suffering physical damage to property and financial losses particularly given these difficult economic times we find ourselves in.

I am sure there are people and businesses out there that have suffered financially from the wanton vandalism and looting who unfortunately find they have no insurance to cover their losses.

Please do not despair. All is not lost.

If you find yourself being in this unfortunate position there is a little known act of parliament called the Riot (Damages) Act 1886 which provides that the Police Authorities must pay compensation for damages arising from riots.

Whilst there are differing views as to the performance of the Police Force I must stress that this is not a claim against the Police Force or indeed is to apportion any blame but it is a claim against the Police Authority to compensate those who have suffered loss and damage as a result of the riots.

For those who would be concerned to take