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American law firm plans to put City’s traditional business model on trial

It’s interesting to see a US firm planning to take advantage of the new rules. In any business good players can succeed by adopting a new model or by being better than the competition, even in a recession.

There will be good lawyers looking for jobs or looking to further their careers and joining an aggressive new firm with a different slant on the traditional model will be attractive. Flexible working and home working will appeal to staff and lower cost offices will appeal to investors. Clients need to be convinced that they will get as good or better service for the same or less cost.

Here at Ralli, we have taken work from London firms as clients realise that we don’t need to be geographically close (although we can and do visit them, as Manchester is only 2 hours from London) and they can get a better service for a lower cost. Time will see how GTM gets on.