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Cavity Wall Insulation – The Government

Cavity Wall Insulation – The Government

In response to the gathering furore about Cavity Wall Insulation the Government (as reported by the BBC) states that cavity wall insulation has a 25-year guarantee. This is misleading. The so-called guarantees are often for 10 or 15 years and are very limited in what they cover, if they pay out at all. They woefully fail to cover the cost of remedial work. The guarantee covers extraction but in some cases it can take 3 or more attempts to extract the insulation leaving damp in the inner walls, plaster, windows, floors and joists. It offers no compensation for living in misery for many years. There is no cost funding available under the guarantees with which to sue the companies who originally installed it, assuming of course that they are not one of the many who have gone bust! The true guarantors are not insurance companies but a group of the very people who allegedly abandoned their responsibilities in the first place. The only real remedy to gain full compensation is to sue in the courts but the Government do not provide legal aid funding so access to justice is denied yet again for those most in need. The worst cases are of those victims receiving benefits, low wages or small pensions who had the work done over 6 years ago and have been let down by the system.

This is a scandal. May I suggest that when your local candidate knocks on your door seeking your vote in the June election, you ask them exactly what they are going to do about this injustice and exactly when and how? If enough people do it the candidates will begin to get the message that they are there to represent those in need rather than their personal ambitions!

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