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The news has been DOMinated for the past week or so because of the actions of one man. Boris Johnson’s most trusted advisor Dominic Cummings who travelled to Durham so he could be near to his family that could care for his young child should both he and his wife become too unwell to do so.

The hysteria over his actions beggar belief, “he must be sacked” “he must resign”.

Really? Why should he?

If he should, then so should the pack of wolves that broke every social distancing rule in the book reporting this. The press I am talking about. Huddled together outside Mr. Cuming’s home, waiting like excitable wild animals about to capture their prey.

When he finally appeared, the press were inches from each other, jostling for the best angle, the best photograph. Not an inch between themselves or Mr. Cummings

Pot calling kettle springs to mind.  I know two wrongs do not make a right, but if you are going to splash the headlines “one rule for them and another for the rest of us” surely you wouldn’t broadcast that with pictures of the press breaking the same rules?

Their actions certainly suited that headline.

Whatever your opinion on what has been done or said by Dominic Cummings, did it really warrant top of the bill news for days and days on end?

The do-gooders commented that his local authority has safeguarding measures in place for the welfare of children if parents found themselves in a situation where they could not look after them. We all know what that means. Social Services, who were already at breaking point prior to Covid 19.

Who would you choose? Your sister, niece, aunt? Or social services. I know which one I would opt for.

My point really on this topic is that if you are going to call for someone’s head on the block, do not do it via every media outlet whilst committing a similar offence.

This story went on and on and on when in my view, there were far more important things going on that needed to be sorted out. For example, where has all the flour gone and when can I get my hair done?

The reporting on this was woeful, reporters suggesting that us mere mortals cannot think for ourselves and would immediately all jump in our cars to find the nearest Castle.

If I were an editor this week, the headline would have been along the lines of “HYPOCRISY AT IT’S FINEST BY THE BRITISH PRESS”

I hope they move on from this now so I can turn my TV back on.

These are personal views and not those of this firm.

This blog was written by:  Lynn Mahon

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