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If you get an email purportedly from the Financial Services Compensation (FSCS) check that the email address ends The fraudsters are running fake email scams so watch out!

Email Fraud

Other Government Departments such as HMRC have also been targeted in fake email scams. You are most at risk when you are busy or tired and trying to clear or deal with email traffic in a rush. This also applies to malware and viruses. Ransomwear is getting ever more sophisticated and expensive. You might get an email giving you 1 hour to pay over 25K in bitcoins or see your whole business world destroyed as your data is wiped out or even worse if your customers are sent untrue reports or evidence about you.

You think you are well aware and wise to all this? So did many of the victims!!

The FSCS accepted that it was aware that fraudsters have targeted a consumer via email asking for a fee for FSCS services.

Consumers should look out for emails that do not end with which purport to be from the FSCS.

The Fraud and Business Crime lawyers at Ralli are well known for their criminal defence work defending the innocent wrongly accused of tax, investment and business fraud. The team hope that their warnings will help prevent all innocent members of the public from becoming victims, not just those falsely accused of committing a crime.

For more information about fraud defence visit our dedicated fraud page by following the link below.

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