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FIFA corruption scandal continues to deepen

FIFA corruption scandal continues to deepen

The on-going investigations by US prosecutors revolving around both “entities and individuals” have suggested that they will soon be making a fresh wave of arrests as more and more evidence of potential serious crime comes to light.

Michael Luaber, the Swiss attorney general confirmed that a contract involving the sale of a lucrative TV rights contract was sold to former FIFA official Jack Warner. The disgraced official received the contract for the rights to broadcast the 2010 and 2014 World cups for a fraction of their overall worth; this same contract bears the signature of Sepp Blatter. FIFA’s president is in danger of being dragged deeper into the centre of the corruption scandal. Despite refusing to travel to America since the start of these investigations, Blatter continues to protest his innocence, saying that: “I have my conscience and I know I’m and honest man. I am clean. I am not a worried man.”

In what is being called a “World Cup of Fraud”, the publication of the contract draws Blatter closer to the investigations and entangles him with Warner, creating more questionable links for all parties involved.

A FIFA statement on Sunday night defended their actions regarding the contract, stating that they themselves terminated the contract on 25th July 2011, after the Caribbean Football Union made several breaches to its contract and a failure to meet its financial obligations.

The contract initially signed in 2005 will no doubt fuel the already high fire of doubt for the legitimacy of FIFA’s operations for the years overseen by Sepp Blatter.

Criminal Law Solicitors London will continue to provide updates and share details of the on-going FIFA corruption saga.