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Foreign criminal has conviction overturned

Foreign criminal has conviction overturned

A foreign criminal convicted of child cruelty and drink-driving with his four-year-old daughter in the car has overturned a Home Office bid to deport him – because of his “right to family life”.

The Home Office argued it was “irrational” for the former professional footballer to claim he should be allowed to remain in Britain because of his relationship with the child, known only as “M”. The order to deport the footballer by Theresa May was over-ruled and he is now free to stay in Britain indefinitely. Criminal law solicitors in Manchester Ralli offer legal advice and representation on all aspects of motoring law.

This case will no doubt further intensify the pressure on Michael Gove to reform human rights as quickly as possible. Plans under the conservative government to introduce a British Bill of Human Rights intended to remove the European Court of Human Rights jurisdiction in such cases will effectively give the UK Supreme Court the “final say” in such cases.

The Father was also convicted of dangerous driving, uninsured driving, driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence and two charges of acting with intent to pervert the course of justice – namely using an alias.

He was jailed for a total of two years, with Judge Wynn-Morgan, the trial judge, describing the offences as “quite appalling”.