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Leaked Tory Report Suggests Unfair Dismissal May Be Scrapped

Frances Nash – Trainee Solicitor

A leaked report commissioned by the Conservative Party suggests that the right for employees to claim that they have been unfairly dismissed should be scrapped.

This is sure to be a headline grabber, and without giving a thought to the full implications of this move, a crowd pleaser for business. The report claims that the current laws leave employees as “unknown quantities” who are allowed to “coast along” and this threatens the potential for business to expand.

However, the right to claim unfair dismissal is only currently available to those employees who have a year’s service with their employer, and if the Conservative proposals are approved, this qualifying time would increase to two years, one might say ample time to consider if an employee is indeed an ‘unknown quantity’ or a ‘coaster’.

Even so, what effect on the economy would it have if there was no job security for the workforce whatsoever? One day at work, next day no job, no pay, no warning, no explanation. It is not true to say that current unfair dismissal laws leaves the employer with no course of action when dealing with a troublesome employee.

It is perhaps more a question of ensuring that employers know exactly what they can do within the law fairly so that no claims can be brought against them. Surely it would be better to work towards a system that provides certainty and clarity for the employer and the employee and that, in turn, will bring a stable and more productive economy.