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Life as a trainee solicitor

I became interested in pursuing a legal career when I was completing my GCSE’s. The legal sector is an interesting blend of historic tradition with an aspect of modern innovation that is constantly adapting. I was attracted to the concept of a stimulating and engaging career where each day is different. I therefore wanted to be a solicitor as it meant I would be working as part of a team. Following a law degree and completing my legal practice course at Manchester Metropolitan University which paved the way to securing a training contract at Ralli Solicitors offered me my best chances at qualifying successfully as a solicitor.

I have been with my firm’s commercial litigation department now for six months and I am really enjoying it. As part of the training contract I will be moving seats to the corporate and employment department this October. The biggest question I always get asked is, if Covid-19 has had an impact on my training which has not been the case at all! I have been lucky that I am in the office everyday with the rest of the office doing hybrid working which means I always have someone to ask questions to, which is so important when you are a trainee.

I usually start my day looking through my e-mails and deal with any urgent matters and make a to do list so I do not miss any tasks out. I always make sure to have my calendar open too so I am on top of matters that need dealing with on that specific day. Today, I have been dealing with a big trial which is to take place next week and so there are a lot of tasks which need completing by a certain time. This also means I have to prioritise certain tasks above others and so it is always important to let your supervisor know your capacity especially when you have a hearing or a trial to prepare for. When I get set tasks to do as a trainee solicitor I am mindful to run all advice and decisions past those supervising me to ensure they are legally and commercially sound. The team gives me the support that I need and as I have developed I am given more responsibility.

Before I log off, I make sure I have done everything I have needed to do from my to do list and have completed all my priority tasks. I also ensure that my time recording is done for the day. It is very rare that I am working late into the night. However, on rare occasions I may be working on a witness statement or a hearing bundle if we need to meet a deadline.

The life of a trainee solicitor is always challenging but what is a comforting thought is that all the solicitors have been in the same position so there is always someone willing to help.