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Posts for the position please – the effect of social media

Okay yes, I admit it, I am also an avid user of social media and mobile devices but hey, it’s not in a compulsive way like some of our peers on this Channel 4 documentary. The purpose of the programme was to show exactly how much time some people spend updating their online statuses and how addicted they get to using the sites.

First we gained an insight into 23 year old Christian’s interesting method of showing his manhood by posting photos of the lower parts of his body in a slice of bread on the social media giant Facebook. A promising recruitment consultant, presenter Bob sent him for a job interview where he managed to impress the interviewers in person but after they look at his X-rated Facebook page he’s told in no uncertain terms that he hasn’t got the job.

We then saw 24 year old Dominique, the author of several selfies where she wore very little – resulting in a poll (not pole) being set to see whether guys would date her if she had her current profile or the mocked up version that the show produced that expressed her real personality and interests they chose the latter.

Then there was self-confessed social media addict 29 year old Braden who spents practically all of his time on his phone, though he did manage to stay off it for 7 minutes and 48 seconds before posting a picture. I think he could have managed longer if his phone wasn’t on the table in front of him.

Finally we met 19 year old Caolan who couldn’t care less about the £5,000 worth of debts that were racked up in his quest to get famous on Facebook, having photos taken in high-class hotels and bars.

So, how big is your digital footprint? With more and more people shamelessly using social media to flaunt their outrageous, embarrassing or ridiculous behaviour, is there a limit?

Most of us can’t imagine life without our daily fix of Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. From selfie addicts to compulsive uploaders and drunken tweeters, it might be time for us all to evaluate the effect the sites have on our inability to interact verbally with our friends and family and have a face-to-face conversation without the means of technology. After all, people who only see who you are on these sites can form the wrong kind of image of you and that can be detrimental to your life and career prospects.

We have all seen how much trauma and upset a single post can have on one person and it has sometimes lead to legal action. Reporting on current legal proceedings on social media, even if not directly contributing to reports, stating opinions or giving the names of individuals involved can lead to serious consequences.

My recent research found that, not surprisingly, there are over 200 social networks worldwide. The show’s research revealed that many employers check the social media content of their current and potential employee’s so beware!

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