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Ralli Solicitors LLP on anonymity in criminal cases

There is much debate as to whether there should be anonymity for individuals before they are convicted. But what about before they are even charged?

There have been many high profile cases where the media has sensationalise stories. Sir Cliff Richard was one such case where the media were in situ filming the arrival of a police force about to conduct a search of his home. The Data Protection Act, which we have all probably been frustrated with, is there to protect our information. How many people have been told “can’t discuss it with you…. data protection”.

Doctors, Lawyers, Banks all have to adhere to the strictest confidentiality. Yet when someone is arrested in the UK the individual’s identity and details are out there for publication whether there was any merit to the arrest in the first place. Some would say “there is no smoke without fire’’. However Ralli Solicitors LLP criminal defence team in Manchester disagree. In their many years of acting for people who have been arrested there are cases where the allegation stems from an angry, aggrieved, upset or even intoxicated partner who simply wants to inflict as much grief and humiliation on the other partner. It is far more common than you think.

In response to these unforeseen circumstances Ralli have developed their fixed fee service. This service is tailor made for you, your case and your circumstances. Ralli aims at Cost certainty and no hidden surprises. Further information can be found by clicking here.

The police arrest the individual to obtain evidence by questioning (in theory). However, by this time the gossip has already started and the world can become very different, if not life changing for some individuals. Should that person not be afforded anonymity/ confidentiality until such a time that a court of law has convicted that person? The acquittal rates would suggest that there is a good argument to support it. Nigel Evans MP who himself has been dragged through the criminal justice system is campaigning for such measures.

Ralli Solicitors LLP have all too often witnessed the devastation an arrest can have on an individual, as a team they have the experience and fight within them to obtain justice for anyone subject to arrest in England and Wales.