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Resounding Words Spoken by Johnny Depp

When there’s an injustice, whether it’s against you, or someone you love or someone you believe in, stand up, don’t sit down.

Words spoken by the Actor Johnny Depp.

There will be some people who will always have a view on something they have heard or something that has been reported and nothing will change their minds on what they have heard/read.

However, the criminal team at Ralli solicitors LLP, firmly believe in standing up. Listening, searching for the truth, because injustice is something that happens more frequently than most people would care to believe.

It is not until you have been wrongly accused of something, that you see and feel just how hard it is to prove that injustice.

It takes true grit and determination to seek out the truth, especially in criminal cases.

We have helped many people over the years who have become embroiled in cases where they thought they had no hope.

Justice is what we stand for, why we do the job that we do. Our testimonials from the very ordinary people we have helped to achieve justice, speak for themselves. But don’t just take our word for it – read our client testimonials here: testimonials

Lawyers sometimes get bad press, if your husband, wife, son, daughter had been accused of something that wasn’t true, you would want a strong willed, ferociously determined team by your side.

That is who the criminal team at Ralli Solicitors LLP are. People who stand up for justice.

Our criminal lawyers are here to help you via a dedicated 24-hour telephone number where you can speak confidentially at a time that suits you – 0161 615 0660. We represent individuals or companies under investigation, or who are already being prosecuted, so please get in touch if you need support from a committed team of lawyers.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this post sets out the general position under the general law. It should not be acted upon in any specific circumstances without taking specific legal advice as to those circumstances. Also, it should not be relied upon, acted upon or treated as a substitute for specific advice relevant to particular circumstances. If you do require specific advice please contact us for assistance.