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Resurgence in ‘Parcel Mule’ scams

Resurgence in ‘Parcel Mule’ scams

People are been targeted as part of a reshipping scam, which involves unsuspecting people handling goods to other countries. Individuals are often recruited though fake advertisement or dating websites, whereby they are convinced into having items delivered to their address and then forwarding them onto another, they themselves paying for the price of postage. The job being preformed is typically advertised as a “freight forwarder”, a role required for processing and forwarding goods to clients.

The items themselves have been bought using stolen or fraudulently obtained credit and debit cards. These items will often be expensive electrical equipment, designer clothing and perfume, or mobile phones.

As a participator or ‘mule’, a victim of the scam is in fact handling stolen goods, as well as loosing out financially for their posting costs and the lack of promised payment for their role. The extent of exploitation may not only be limited to immediate financial loss, but the risk of future identity theft once details of a victim’s address and personal details have been exchanged with the scammers.

In order To Protect Yourself:

– Do not agree to exchange or receive packages at your address with someone you do not personally know or trust.
– Be wary or job opportunities that seem to provide easy money, they may well be too good to be true.
– Any company details can be easily verified to see if they have been registered in the UK.
– Keep your personal details private when using the Internet, to prevent fraud and crime against you.

Fraud and phishing scams can affect anyone. If you are affected, criminal law solicitors may be able to provide legal advice in prevention of such actions against your personal assets.