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Setting up a business? How an employment law solicitor can help you

Setting up a business? How an employment law solicitor can help you

Thinking of, or in the process of setting up your own business? Consulting an employment law solicitor could be one of the best initial decisions you make.

Employment law is a complicated area and is constantly changing. Most employment disagreements are caused by badly-drafted service contracts or dismissal procedures that don’t meet legal requirements. Your solicitor can check on your contracts and procedures to prevent these kinds of disagreements and help protect you from employment-related legal action.

Primary considerations when employing staff include;

• Deciding how much to pay someone – you must pay your employee at least the minimum wage
• Check if someone has the legal right to work in the UK (as well as other legal checks)
• Get employers protection insurance (your compulsory employers liability insurance will not cover you for expensive claims brought by employees for unfair dismissal or discrimination for which you can be personally liable)
• Send details of the job (including terms and conditions) in writing to your employee. You need to give your employee a written statement of employment if you’re employing someone for more than 1 month
• Tell HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) by registering as an employer – you can do this up to 4 weeks before you pay your new staff

By ensuring your business (and position as an employer) is set up correctly you can potentially save yourself a lot of time (and money) in the future. Our employment law solicitors at Ralli solicitors LLP, Manchester can provide you with the necessary advice and peace of mind.