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Tribunal Claims: Be Aware of the Bigger Picture

Mark Higgins

Mark Higgins, Employment Law Partner

VIDEO: When facing the prospect of an employment tribunal, employers have a real dilemma. It may seem like a  sensible decision to just a buy off’s an employment tribunal claim, by simply agreeing a settlement fee with the disgruntled employee, but Mark says’s employers need to consider the message that is then automatically transmitted to every other employee at the firm’s.

This action could give the impression that this is an employer that settles claims, instead of fighting them and lead the way to a succession of other claims.

If there is a suggestion that employment claims are not being contested, others may think it could be an easy result for a claim of their own’s.

An experienced employment solicitor can provide real benefit to any business facing the threat of an employment tribunal, but it is important that this action to consult a legal advisor is taken sooner rather than later.

Maybe the key to success in tribunals is in avoiding them in the first place?

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