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Twitter, Advertising and UGG Boots

Robert Illidge, PR & Marketing Executive[/caption]I recently read from two news sources that Twitter are closer to introducing advertising on their site, whether this is search or tweet-based.



Search-based ads will use DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) technology to scan a users tweets and relay ‘relevant’ and targeted ads back.


I suppose you could argue what is the problem with that? If I was desperately seeking an Employment Solicitor and vented my frustrations via Twitter, I may be more than happy to have a targeted ad from a Manchester based Solicitor delivered.


After all I’m using their platform so they are entitled to pursue revenue in this way.


Then there is the privacy issue.


Why should Twitter ‘bombard’ users with ads that may not be relevant? And what if these ads take me to somewhere I thought I was buying ‘genuine UGG boots’ , and ultimately ruin my online experience as a result.


Twitter must improve on Facebooks mistakes.


Alternatively, although less likely, is tweet-based advertising, which would send out ads with user’s tweets.


However, it has to be said that Twitter does already advertise, in case you missed it, they are found on the top right hand side of the home page underneath followers. These ads are completely un-targeted and are barely noticeable as they only take up a small percentage of the online page real estate.


It will be interesting to see which route Twitter takes, Facebook has successfully integrated a somewhat ‘subtle’ advertising model, without a mass exodus from users, and I very much doubt it will be long before Twitter does the same.