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Yahoo to investigate chief executive’s academic credentials

Mark Higgins – Employment Law Partner

Grapevine HR report that Yahoo are to investiagte claims that their chief execuitve, Scott Thompson, “embellished his academic credentials” on his CV. Read the full article here.

This particular example looks to be something of a storm in a teacup since it is not in dispute that Thompson holds a Bachelor’s degree – merely the exact subjects he holds the degree in.

Nevertheless, the story should serve as a reminder to candidates for any position that lying on a CV or other document submitted in support of an application for employment is likely to result in summary dismissal if the lie is uncovered.

Contrary to the view apparently taken by Alan Sugar when one of his executives, Steve McQueen, was found to have ‘lied’ on his CV, candidates who misrepresent their qualifications demonstrate a fundamental lack of honesty and fair play.

If they can lie on their CV, then they can lie about any other aspect of their work and hence cannot be trusted.