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You’re Going To Need A Better Employment Lawyer

As the HR Manager for Ralli, I feel compelled to make commentary on the shark wrestling Granddad story.



Sick leave is always a difficult subject to tackle. At Ralli our staff are valued and if there is a member of staff suffering illness, the door to HR is always open and if we can help in any way, we do.


However, for Paul Marshallsea to take several weeks off work and take a trip across the world, I feel this trip might have been a step too far for any employer.


If he feels so hard done to now, why did he not speak to his employer before he embarked on this trip?


This may be the crux of the problem. He was not above board with them and in my view, they have every right to be upset. Had it been a weekend in a caravan in Blackpool, they might have taken a different view, but a holiday to Australia, lasting a few weeks?


And taking his wife who also worked for the charity and who was also off on sick leave? I think that might be a step too far for most reasonable employers.


I bet Mr Marshallsea won’t be looking at his holiday snaps right now, he is probably regretting his disingenuous behaviour or is he just regretting being caught?