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Cavity Wall Problems and Claims. Now Parliament has ‘resolved’

Cavity Wall Problems and Claims. Now Parliament has ‘resolved’

Number 3 in a series of blogs by Stephen Fox of Ralli Solicitors LLP, on the subject of the Cavity Wall Insulation Misery affecting millions of people.

For those of you following the subject of cavity wall insulation problems and the deceit and trickery which has been endemic in what was thought to be a free grants  for loft and Cavity wall  insulation which in turn would save energy costs here is an update.

The subject was debated in the Commons and I have attached a link to the report in Hansard of the debate. At long last a chance to take decisive action.

The problem is particularly prevalent in coastal and exposed area primarily because of the fact that cavity wall insulation was injected into properties that were subject to high winds and driving rain because of their proximity to the coastline. It is a cross-party issue and to their credit Welsh MPs stood up and spoke out on behalf of their beleaguered constituents. The action group CIVALLI have been active in bringing problems to the fore but the Government have completely failed to address the shambolic mess which has been piing up for a decade.

The reference to CIGA guarantees is a little misleading as some of them are not for 25 years but only for 15 or 10 years. As they are so hopelessly inadequate it probably doesn’t matter! The subtle change to include a maintenance clause which then becomes an argument not to pay out is referred to but not addressed. Extracting one wall does indeed create a cold spot but putting insulation into the premises in the first place was often totally inappropriate.

For some the only remedy is a CIGA guarantee because there are six year time limits in which to bring claims plus in some instances three years from the time when the problem should have been appreciated which can give an extension.

Another issue is that the insurance/guarantee is not given by a substantial insurance company but by CIGA which is a company limited by guarantee set up by installers some of which are no longer trading. If this government really believes that CIGA guarantees are working effectively than they must be in cloud cuckoo land. Perhaps the question is whether they have chosen to go there on purpose. Is there not some culpability upon the government itself? After all it failed to produce a workable system of redress in its rush to achieve its carbon emission targets.

The result appears to be that cases need to be pursued in the civil courts by the most vulnerable members of society who cannot do so because of their lack of funds. The fact the Government has withdrawn public funding for such cases, is a further hindrance. Ordinary individuals affected cannot risk taking on the big companies and possibly losing with orders against them following in respect of costs.

However you will no doubt be comforted by the ending of the Hansard report. I quote

‘Resolved. That this house has considered cavity wall insulation in Wales.’

Can you not just hear the joyous victims shouting  HOORAH !

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