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Four killed in tragic quad bike collision

In the early hours of Monday morning four people believed to be celebrating a 16th birthday party were killed when a sports car collided with their unlicensed quad bike. Two women, aged 16 and 18, and 20-year old male were pronounced dead at the scene, a man also 20, died later due to head injuries in hospital.

The A6201 between Upton and Hemsworth near Wakefield was the scene of the incident; the road will likely remain closed until tomorrow evening. Detective Chief Inspector Richard Holmes stated that: Widespread investigations are continuing into what is a significant incident on the district’s roads, which has now tragically resulted in the loss of four lives”.

Whilst the Police have appealed for witnesses to come forward, the tragic incident has raised many questions regarding motoring law.

The A6201 incorporates a bridleway, which joins farmland to the main road, local farmer, Ben Kidson said that often the bridle way is used by quad bikers and upon exiting they “turn onto the tarmac road and go across it and can drive onto more farmland or stay on the road.” Creating an incredibly dangerous intersection.

Police stated that the quad bike involved was unregistered and therefor unfit for to be on the main road where the incident had taken place. Making the current police investigations difficult to make an adequate assessment of the incident.

Two men were taken in for questioning, under the suspicion of dangerous driving. These men have since been released on bail.

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