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Woman’s claim against Primark security staff pleads guilty

Woman’s claim against Primark security staff pleads guilty

A mother who falsely accused a Primark security guard of assault pleads guilty, admitting intent to pervert the course of justice after wrongly stating that her daughter was snatched from her whilst breastfeeding.

Caroline Starmer had posted a status to her Facebook that the security guard at the Primark store in Huberstone Gate, Leicester, had taken her nine-month-old baby away from her. The story quickly gathered momentum and was widely reported in the media and in a succession of interviews she repeated her claim that she and her daughter had been wronged by the security guard in question.
On Thursday morning Starmer, appearing at Leicester Crown Court admitted to the charge, and will be sentenced on December 3rd. Judge Simon Hammond told Stammer that “this is a very serious matter. The court will consider a custodial sentence”.

Initially Primark stated that they would investigate the claim, and after viewing CCTV footage from the store, refuted the claims that the incident had taken place.

The fabrication of evidence and the intent to perverse the course of justice is a serious matter that can dramatically affect individuals and businesses, false claims can massively damage the image and public relations of a business, with potentially massive implications.

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