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Is Fixed Fee the answer to Legal Aid cuts? Asks Ralli Solicitors LLP

Is Fixed Fee the answer to Legal Aid cuts? Asks Ralli Solicitors LLP

What is Legal Aid and how does it affect Criminal Law proceedings?

Legal aid is designed by the government, to help those with limited means to pay for court proceedings. Although in recent years, there has been a sharp decline in the amount of legal aid distributed to those who need it, and charities like the Bar Pro Bono Unit have received double the amount of applications over the last three years. Solicitors and Barristers alike have voiced honest concerns that the current state of legal aid means that in many cases, a verdict declared over a case could well be unjust and unfair.

The risk that any case incorporating legal aid might require preparation under unreasonable and harsh restrictions led to Ralli Solicitors LLP withdrawal from legal aid (except for VHCC cases), a decision made easier by severe legal aid cuts across the board. By doing so, Ralli’s criminal law solicitors are able to conduct their operations with only the best interests of their clients, to reach a just and fair resolution.


The Purpose of Fixed Fee
Ralli’s implementation of a Fixed Fee Criminal Solicitors Service over that of legal aid, means that the cost of court proceedings is matched to your requirements and is justified by personal need, rather than legal aid’s tenuous relationship between worth and time. Fixed fee make legal advice and services accessible to all, not just the wealthy. It gives those charged with a criminal offence a chance to adequately defend themselves from prosecution and injustice.


How Fixed Fee can help you

Whether your case involves millions of pounds in fraud allegations or a pub brawl, for both businesses and individuals, budgeting for potential court fees is often not considered until it becomes a necessity.
Ralli Criminal Law Solicitors have years of extensive experience covering a wide variety of areas in criminal law:

Magistrates Court
Crown Court
Trading Standards
Due Diligence
Internet Crime
• Motoring Law
Health and Safety
Director Disqualification

A criminal conviction can cause problems not only for family and friends but anything from health and wellbeing, to employment and the risk of prison itself.

Ralli solicitors LLP are committed to providing an affordable criminal law fixed fee service that covers both magistrates court and crown court representation. Should you require legal advice or representation please contact our team of expert criminal law solicitors in Manchester on 0161 615 0660.