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Rugby World Cup Ticket Warning

Rugby World Cup Ticket Warning

Organisers of the 2015 Rugby World Cup are warning that there has been a huge rise in the circulation of fake tickets for the upcoming games. Those wishing to attend the finals are to be reminded that on tickets bought from official sources will be valid.

Tickets for the general public can only be obtained through England Rugby 2015 Limited (ER2015), the outlet for ER2015 can be found through their official website at , here a range of hospitality options can be found too, as well as a number of travel packages.

Other sites can be validated for their authenticity by using the ‘Official Tracker’ at the official Rugby World Cup Website. Those who purchase tickets from unauthorised sellers and outlets are at the risk of paying excessively for non-existent tickets, and at the same time placing themselves at the risk of fraud by having their personal and credit card details stolen during any potential transaction.

The London Olympic games of 2012 and many other major events brought to light the severity of criminal actions related to touts in the UK. The offer of sale or the unauthorised sale of tickets may be an infringement of the Unfair Trading Regulations Act 2008 regarding Consumer Protection. Implicating both fraud and serious crime.

Tickets distributed officially by the ER2015 are strictly non-transferable, and any that are believed to be resold or redistributed might well be cancelled or seized as per ER2015’s terms and conditions.

Ralli Criminal Law solicitors Manchester continues to monitor fraudulent activity in the UK.