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Legal cover with Absolute Business Care (ABC)

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What are you doing to protect your business?
Operating a business can be costly and your assets require proper protection. From public liability insurance to building insurance, it is important to protect your business. There is often a budget and insurance policy to cover these sorts of eventualities but often employment law matters are neglected. From settlement agreements, to discrimination claims and disciplinary matters, it is difficult to know how to deal with these matters. This is why Ralli LLP have put together their ABC scheme, Absolute Business Care, to protect your business and provide you with comprehensive legal support on employment law matters.


How ABC works, so you don’t have to worry
Traditionally tribunal proceedings can be vastly expensive for a business, yet more often than not the Employment team at Ralli have found that many legal matters could be resolved or avoided entirely at an earlier stage. Our Employment Law Solicitors can help prevent unwanted costs incurred by tribunal proceedings.

“In today’s highly litigious world the ABC scheme from Ralli is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity! Mark and the team at Ralli are highly professional and extremely responsive; guiding you through the legal minefield with great skill. Together with the added reassurance that the insurance policy is in place to cover any costs from malicious claims. Our enrolment in the Ralli scheme is probably one of the best decisions we have ever taken in 25 years of business”
Jack Leech, MD of QED Creative


Why choose Absolute Business Care for your business?
Members of the scheme benefit from three areas of expert service including Employment Law Solicitors;

A – Legal Support
The first set for immediate response and assistance for legal matters. A friendly team of staff is on hand to advise on day-to-day issues that may arise. Not limited to telephone communication, Ralli Solicitors LLP can draft letters that your business might require; this alleviates any worries you might have about saying the wrong thing.

B – Cover For legal fees and awards
Whilst the scheme looks to avoid court settlement, sometimes legal action is necessary, or potentially forced by another party. Where by this is the case, ABC will indemnify your business and if required, individuals from within your business, for legal fees and awards of compensation that they are ordered to pay

C – Reviews and online support tools
An inclusive annual review of employment documentation is included for all ABC scheme participators. As well as discounts on various remedial actions required. Ralli has partnered with expert health and safety experts who if necessary will complete an audit of your business premises in order to protect you further. Our online features, controlled and maintained by our insurance provider, permits the schemes members to store important documents including contacts of employment and employee handbooks.

The ABC scheme covers a range of areas that businesses should take into consideration;
• Commercial and business disputes and dispute resolution
• Employment/HR staff disputes
• HMRC tax investigations
• Health and safety defence of prosecutions
• Property disputes
• Data protection
• Intellectual property

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