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A Voice for Criminals

A new play by actor and writer Ric Renton, has just opened at Newcastle’s Live Theatre, bringing to stage the former HMP Durham inmate’s prison experience. Just as the monologues in ‘One Off’ look to give prisoners a voice, the Criminal Law department at Ralli Solicitors LLP ensures a voice is given to those accused of a criminal offence no matter how minor or serious the accusation.

Reviewed by The Guardian’s Mark Fisher, One Off (a term used by the prison guards to describe suicides) presents a prisoner’s world as bleak, austere and claustrophobic. Our Criminal Lawyers are fully aware of the stress and anxiety that comes with a serious accusation, and you can see through our testimonials how we strive to make the experience of police interviews and court cases as reassuring as possible.

Our service starts from the outset – we have a dedicated Criminal and Regulatory Law telephone number if you’ve been accused of a crime, where one of our team will answer the call ANY TIME of day, and provide advice on where you legally stand, and what your next steps will be.

We are here to assist with interviews across England and Wales (whether it is by the Police, Trading Standards, HMRC, Serious Fraud Office, National Crime Agency or Health and Safety Executive) ensuring that the process is fair, looking after your rights and stopping any inappropriate questioning about the alleged offence.

With over 70 years of experience, we have represented companies and individuals under investigation or being prosecuted for many types of fraud, as well as high profile cases including multimillion-pound operations crossing several continents. More recently we’ve expanded our services to Crypto-related theft and fraud.

At Ralli Solicitors LLP, we have a passion for the theatre (we are Encore corporate members with the Royal Exchange in Manchester), and this play by Ric Renton has definitely struck a chord with our Criminal Law team. We hope One Off will be shown at other theatres after its Newcastle run ends on 26th November at the Live Theatre – ironically directly across the road from Newcastle Crown Court where Ric Renton received his three-year sentence as a 21-year-old.

Giving a voice to those accused of a criminal offence is what we do at Ralli Solicitors LLP, as this client testimonial so aptly showcases: “I lost all faith in the British legal system. The case against me took more than four years from arrest to finally appearing in court. However, I was most fortuitous to meet Ralli Solicitors LLP, a firm of Solicitors a credit to the legal profession. The manner in which they set about defending me inspired confidence and helped me through my darkest hours. Ralli Solicitors LLP diligently examined the ‘evidence’ against me, painstakingly reading thousands of pages of emails, letters and documents with an unrelenting determination to prove my innocence. To simply say thank you does not adequately express the heartfelt debt of gratitude I hold. In addition to their professionalism the whole team were such nice people with compassion and an unbelievable dedication.”

If you have been accused of a crime, it is important to speak to a lawyer immediately. You can call any member of our Criminal Law team headed up by Stephen Fox and including Lynn Mahon by calling our 24/7 dedicated Criminal Law telephone number on 0161 615 0660.